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Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI)

James Jooste is currently busy with his Neethling Brain Instrument accreditation. This added offering will give students an insight into the way they THINK and LEARN, thereby enhancing their understanding of themselvesb and ultimately improving performance and grades.

Emotional Intelligence course.

Our training department is currently building an amazing Emotional Intelligence course. This will included the NBI profiling, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, social-awareness, social skills, assertiveness, conflict management and much more. Keep watching this space.

Emergence of Whole Brain Learning
28 May 2012

With the ever changing landscape and needs demanded by an ever changing and explorative client base, Nothando Training constantly looks at delivering product that reflect the needs of its customers. To this end Ascend Whole Brain Learning courses for adults have emerged, these courses explore in depth the relationship and functions of our brain and the way it works together with critical thinking. These courses are based on the research and findings of 3 neuropsychologists Paul McLean (Triune Brain), Ned Herrmann (Whole Brain Learning) & Rodger Sperry (Split-brain research).

A creative galaxy explored...

05 October 2010

Nothando Training has recently undergone an extensive branding campaign, including identity development, stationary, web, multimedia, business communication and branded collateral. As part of the overall strategy, the identity and relevant supporting material has been carefully crafted with a single minded purpose: “To communicate and visualise a brand that fulfills it’s promise of Quality, Consistency and overall Professionalism”

All elements related to this brand and it’s family of offerings are indicative of the nature of the people, personalities and business ethos. The colours, fonts, layout and method of communication has been aligned with the above and has evolved into a shift in the manner we deliver our business to public. A united mindset, focused approach and professional delivery has also created a consistent and unwavering discipline amongst our colleagues,associates and clients and established a pride for our brand.

The campaign in now reaching a climax in it’s first phase, whereby it’s being taken to market and communicated to a wider audience. This however is only the start and we invite you to watch this space as we extend our galaxy beyond even our own imagination.