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Ikusasa Lethu Secondary School- Braamfisher - Soweto
A ½ Day Whole Brain Learning workshop for 96 Grade 12 learners was held at Ikusasa Lethu Secondary School in Soweto on the 16th September 2010. The workshop was organized by the Gauteng Department of Education, Johannesburg West, and D12. James Jooste together with Dailsizwe Ndebele ran the workshop and would like to thank all those who participated in the organization both from the department and the school.

Oosrand Secondary School
In the morning of the 5th August 2010, James Jooste, Graeme DeBruyn and Nic Smit conducted a very successful ½ Day Whole Brain Learning course for +-250 pupils. The majority were Grade 12 learners who found the course to both inspirational and practical. The workshop was organised by Graeme De Bruyn together with Mr Arendse. The Nothando team would like to thank all those involved.

Reiger Park Secondary School
Later the same day, James Jooste, Graeme DeBruyn and Nic Smit travelled to Reiger Park Secondary school were they taught +-150 Grade 12 pupils. The Nothando Team would like to take this opportunity to Mr Fisch (Headmaster) and his staff for organising the event. Hoping to see an improvement in the learners grades.

A ½ day refresher class was also conducted at Oosrand Secondary School during September 2010 where pupils from both schools attended.

Rose Act Saturday School
James Jooste conducted a very successful 1 Day Ukufunda Study Method course at the offices of CESA in Bryanston, the Nothando management would like to thank Louise Cameron (Rose-Act Saturday School and Brenda Lacey-Smith from CESA for a fantastic day).