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Baden Hall (Businessman – Johannesburg)

"James Jooste is a Master of his Craft. He provides cutting edge insights and techniques into replacing antiquated and inefficient study methods with exciting, effective and instantly recallable knowledge on one’s convocation. Month’s after completing his training workshop I still faultlessly recall information learnt using his ground-breaking study methods. Would I recommend attending his training seminar? Recommendation should be replaced with MANDATORY. "


Tusetso Yendes (Grade 12, Soweto, South Africa)

"This program is really a gift for me. I never thought I’ll meet people like Mr Jooste and Sir Dali who can uplift the spirit and make me believe and have confidence about me passing my Matric and starting up a new journey. Thank you Mr James Jooste. Big up guys don’t just be around Joburg do it everywhere; you are the best at what you do."


Maselane Zanele (Grade 12, Soweto, South Africa)

"This program will change the way I think and the way I see things, it is going to assist me when it comes to preparing for my final exams. Having that positive attitude that I am not a failure, I was born a genius! "


Noluthando Lugayeni (Grade 12 Soweto, South Africa)

"James I really liked and enjoyed the program because I thought that I am a failure, but from today you have changed that. You changed my life from now on I will be as good & excellent than anyone, thanks!!!! "


Nqonisola Mandisa (Grade 12 Soweto, South Africa)

"I thought I was stupid but now I know I am a genius."


Ntloheleng Mopokeng (Grade 12, Soweto, South Africa)

"I enjoyed what I learned today. I know I can make it no matter what, I want to change my family life. I’ll be the best in family who will achieve. I enjoy the Study today wish we will meet again."


Lerato Sebola (Grade 12 Johannesburg, South Africa)

"I now know that I can do better than I think I can. Nothing is too difficult to achieve."


Neil Campher (Grade 11, Johannesburg, South Africa)

"It has made me realize that I can achieve great results if I put in the right amount of effort and use the right application."


Yonela Mgulugulu (Grade 12, Johannesburg, South Africa)

"The program itself is extraordinary and the way it’s presented. It comes as a blessing to a whole lot of kids (Rose-Act pupils). I believe from now on I’ll be able to store as much information as I can. I’ve never found studying more fun using other methods than the one James Jooste introduced on my studying."


Melanie Hall (Psychology student)

"Returning to formal tertiary study after 35+ year gap is daunting, not to mention challenging. The only study skills known to me was the skill known as “cram-your-head –with-meaningless-facts0and figures and “hope for the best”. This is very stressful and caused me sleepless nights. Attending James Jooste’s seminar has literally freed me up from useless and stressful “mind-clutter” whilst enabling to absorb important information in an effortless and relaxed fashion. James is highly gifted with a cutting edge approach to knowledge acquisition, whilst providing thoroughly enjoyable experience in which to gleam these simple, but highly effective, learning techniques, Thanks to James, I was able to complete my UNISA qualification
with ease.


Phindile Shabalala (Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa)

"The program has made me to see things with another eye not only that, but it has also boosted my self confidence now I am sure more than ever that, if I believe in something I can or will achieve it against all odds. I thank you! "


Yvonne came on a Ukufunda Study Methods course just before her 3rd Term exams.

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